[mrtg] Re: MRTG Limitation

Greg.Volk at edwardjones.com Greg.Volk at edwardjones.com
Mon Feb 3 14:37:39 MET 2003

}Am planning to use MRTG to monitor errors, crc and discards on 
}Cat2900 per 
}interface.  Now we have more than 150 24-port switches on the whole 
}network.  Can MRTG scale to this large number of objects to monitor? 
}Approx more than 3600 objects.  Thanks.

This is entirely doable. I run five minute MRTG polling against 
383 devices totalling more than 8000 targets. I use MRTG 2.9.17
in RRDtool mode with 14all.cgi. The most important consideration
is config file management. It takes 59 copies of MRTG in daemon
mode to hit those 8000 targets every five minutes. That works
out to be about 135 targets per config file. 14all.cgi tends to
work better with small config files, and the individual polling
daemons won't fall horribly behind and affect data acquisition
for other targets if a few of your big devices go unreachable as 
is the case during maintenance windows and such.

As for hardware I run this on a dual proc Sun 220R with 2GB of
memory. I suspect that a nice dual proc ~1Ghz x86 box with lots 
of memory and good IO would do the job just fine.

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