[mrtg] Re: 14all.cgi -- graphs show larger than maximal number

Greg.Volk at edwardjones.com Greg.Volk at edwardjones.com
Fri Feb 7 17:44:22 MET 2003

}I'm monitoring the number of connections to our VPN concentrator, using
}RRDTool and 14all.cgi to produce the graphs.  I just started doing this
}yesterday, so I don't have much data, but the maximum number on the
}graph is larger than the maximal reported in the legends.
}Is this normal?  Did I just miss something in the docs? Am I just

Are you comparing the legend numbers in one graph against the 
plotted data in another? If so, this is normal - MRTG averages 
the peaks out in the longer term graphs. If you want to keep 
the peaks in the long term graphs, use the WithPeak directive 
and specify which graphs like:

WithPeak[conns]: wmy

or you can use 'WithPeak[_]: wmy" and that will apply the the
directive to every target thereafter in the config.

} at host:::::2
}MaxBytes[conns]: 100
}Title[conns]: Number of VPN Connections
}PageTop[conns]: <H1>Number of VPN Connections</H1>
}Options[conns]: gauge,growright,nopercent,noo
}YLegend[conns]: Num of Conns
}ShortLegend[conns]: Num Conns
}LegendI[conns]: Number of VPN Connections
}legend1[conns]: Number of VPN Connections

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