[mrtg] Re: Sun Solaris Disk Space Monitoring

Don Harvie donharvie at yahoo.com.au
Tue Feb 11 06:12:19 MET 2003

Anthony Lai wrote:
> I wish to use MRTG to monitor the disk space of several Sun
 > Solaris Servers (running Solaris 8). Has anyone seen or done
 > this? I am interested in OIDs, but any examples of solaris
 > monitoring would be helpful. I tried searching for this
 > topic, but I have not seen anything worthwhile.

I'm using net-snmp 5.0.6 on Sol9 and get the data from 
enterprises.ucdavis.dskTable.dskEntry (. oids. The 
dskTotal.<instance>, dskAvail.<instance> and dskUsed.<instance> values 
report in kilobytes. I've found that multiplying the snmp value by 1024 
and using kilo[_]: 1024 in mrtg.cfg gives you more accurate graphs. 
Below is the portion of mrtg.cfg used to collect root fs used and total 
space for my sol9 box.

# Root fs Used and total disk space
Target[rootfs]: \
  * 1024
SetEnv[rootfs]: MRTG_INT_IP="" MRTG_INT_DESCR="/ fs"
Options[rootfs]: gauge,absolute
kilo[rootfs]: 1024
Title[rootfs]: / filesystem
# This value comes from . multiplied by 1024
MaxBytes[rootfs]: 2103188480
YLegend[rootfs]: / used in Bytes
ShortLegend[rootfs]: B
Legend1[rootfs]: Used Space
Legend2[rootfs]: Total Filesystem Size
LegendI[rootfs]: Used:
LegendO[rootfs]: Cap :
PageTop[rootfs]: <H1>/ filesystem</H1>

> In addition, I have seen people replace the MRTG graph 
> with a bar graph to summarize the data. How can i do 
 > this too.

routers2.cgi can show you graphs like this, but then you also need to be 
using rrdtool to store the data and have the GD perl lib installed for 
routers2.cgi to generate the graphs



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