[mrtg] Preference question for those using rrdtool ( and a config one as well )

Roberts, Larry Larry.Roberts at expanets.com
Mon Feb 17 04:37:07 MET 2003

I'm trying to decide if I want to swap over from using rateup to rrdtool. I
copied my configuration to a test config, and made the necessary changes to
run rrdtool against it. All appears well.

My question is what is the preferred front-end for viewing it ?
I have tried 14all.cgi, but its performance was very slow, which seems to be
a standard issue.
I also tried the routers2.cgi, and while the performance was much better, I
cant seem to get it to group my devices correctly?

First off the configuration question. I have several devices all in the same
configuration file. When I pull up the routers2.cgi, it lists them by the
interface name and groups all the same interfaces together. I assume that it
is possible to have it list device names ( rtr1,rtr2,rtr3,etc ) then under
that the interface ( fe0,s0/0,etc ), however all I get is the interface name
showing up, and it sorts all them together. I have read the routers2.conf
file, but I don't understand what I should change ( I did the old fashion
change a value and see what it does and managed to completely get it hosed
so I'm leery of doing that again ). I am in the process of re=reading the
README that contains a FAQ section, but it is still clear as mud as what
option to change ( perhaps I'm just dense..;) I remember reading something
about not using the html,image,log directory tags ( which I currently do use
), and using workdir only , but I have been unable to find were I read that
our if that is even relevant..thoughts?

Secondly, what do each of you use for the generation of the webpages? Is
there other front ends that you find works better. A quick link or name will
send me on my way.

I'm not sure that I want to change since performance is fine with rateup,
however, I would like to add all the switches in our env. And track
interface errors on them ( 300+ switches of mostly 48 port variety ), and I
don't think that rateup would handle this properly.



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