[mrtg] announce mrtg 2.9.27

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Wed Feb 19 21:30:04 MET 2003


finally the issues with 64bit rateup and thus (fast router) support
on windows has been resolved. Many other updates went in ... I am
proud to give you 2.9.27 ... as usual to be downloaded of

Changes 2.9.27
From: Gordon Tetlow <gordon at FreeBSD.org>
* allow unsetting of Unscaled, WithPeak, and Suppress

From: Barry Rountree <rountree at san.rr.com>
* updated compile instructions for new gdlib
* various documentation fixes

From: David Corlette <corlette at huarp.harvard.edu>
* a whole set of new mrtg commandline options: "--fhs", --daemon",
 "--pid-file", "--confcachefile" ... this makes

From: MASUDA Takashi <t-masuda at mvd.biglobe.ne.jp>
* fix for propperly handling 'one unknown' value ...

From: Markus Schlup <markus at qbik.ch>
* --check option for mrtg

From: Christian Birchinger <joker at netswarm.net>
* --pid-file option for mrtg

From: Willem Jaap Zwart <W.J.Zwart at TriMM.nl>
* --perhost option for indexmaker

From: Dave Habben <dhabben at illinois.net>
* fix UTF-8 warning ...

From: Moose God <grendel at moose.interq.or.jp>
* cfgmaker now treats old pre-XL Catalyst 2900 the same as any other
  non-CiscoIOS Catalyst switch

From: Tobi
* revisit default_avoid_negative_request_ids now it should be ok
* --debug option for mrtg
* deal more gracefully with space and other od chars in targets ...
* do not die on unknown data returned from external scripts skip router instead
* fixed win32 with long long ... MS libc does not understand %lld it need %I64d instead
* generate missing mrtg logo images automatically
* add check for correct operation of long long %lld and strtoll
* fixed daemon code

From: Ambrose Li <a.c.li at ieee.org>
* treat script output ##UNDEF## as this ...

From: Norbert Klasen <norbert.klasen at avinci.de>
*  strings for sys* are too long in cfgmaker use snmpwalk


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