[mrtg] Longer-term history recording

John West jwest at cptech.com
Mon Feb 24 20:43:42 MET 2003

Please accept my apologies and a request for redirection if this is an
often discussed topic, a FAQ, or if this is just outright the wrong
forum for this sort of inquiry.

I'm considering writing a companion piece of software for MRTG.  What I
have in mind is something that will capture the graphs that MRTG
produces on a regular basis.  These graphs would be stored, likely in a
database, to provide a longer-term history than MRTG currently allows. 
Naturally, a corresponding web front-end would need to be written to
allow for viewing the archived data.  I'm thinking I'll even link the
live data in as well, just to keep it seamless.

I'm aware that recording the historical images in this manner undoes all
of the effort of the round-robin database.  However, it is a requirement
of my environment.

So, my questions to the list are:

1.) Is anyone else interested in this sort of thing?  If there is enough
interest, I could make the effort to generalize my approach.  If I know
that I can scratch someone else's itch, it makes it far more worth my

2.) Has someone else already done this?  It'd save me the effort.  ;)  I
haven't found any references to such a beast, but MRTG has been around
long enough that I start to doubt that this is an original idea.

3.) Would you recommend saving the raw data or just the images?   By
making some rudimentary guesstimates, it would seem that storing the
images would take far less disk space than the data itself.  The
downside, of course, is that you lose the ability to report on that
data.  If I'm writing this more generally, I can of course make this

Again, I apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong forum.  Please let
me know if there is somewhere better suited.  Any constructive comments
are most welcome.



John West                          Software Consultant, Perl Monk
Corporate Technologies, Inc.                         781-273-4100

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