[mrtg] MRTG query and Dividing by 10

Denny Snyder DSnyder at suscom.com
Fri Jan 3 23:26:39 MET 2003

Hello all,

I'm pulling signal to noise (SNR) ratios from my Cisco UBR 7200s and I
get results just great.  Unfortunately cisco gives the outputs in tenths
of a dB...  So if my current SNR was 28.4dB it would come out as 284
when I query the OID.  Is there a way to tell mrtg to divide by 10 on
the results?

Here's my snippet of my mrtg.cfg for this particular query:

. at nn.nn.nn.nn:161:90:5:3:2
SetEnv[nn.nn.nn.nn-snr_35]: MRTG_INT_IP="nn.nn.nn.nn"
MRTG_INT_DESCR="Cable 3 Upstream 5 SNR in tenths dBs"
Directory[nn.nn.nn.nn-snr_35]: nn.nn.nn.nn
YLegend[nn.nn.nn.nn-snr_35]: SNR
ShortLegend[nn.nn.nn.nn-snr_35]: tenth dBs
MaxBytes[nn.nn.nn.nn-snr_35]: 400
Options[nn.nn.nn.nn-snr_35]: nopercent, gauge, unknaszero, growright
Unscaled[nn.nn.nn.nn-snr_35]: dwmy
Legend1[nn.nn.nn.nn-snr_35]: SNR dB
Legend2[nn.nn.nn.nn-snr_35]: .
Legend3[nn.nn.nn.nn-snr_35]: Max value per interval on graph
Legend4[nn.nn.nn.nn-snr_35]: .
LegendI[nn.nn.nn.nn-snr_35]: SNR dB:
LegendO[nn.nn.nn.nn-snr_35]: .
Title[nn.nn.nn.nn-snr_35]: York uBR1 Blade 3 Upstream 5 SNR
WithPeak[nn.nn.nn.nn-snr_35]: ymw
PageTop[nn.nn.nn.nn-snr_35]: <H1>York uBR1 Cable 3 Upstream 5 SNR</H1>
   <TR><TD>System:</TD>     <TD>ubr1.yrk1 in York, PA</TD></TR>
   <TR><TD>Maintainer:</TD> <TD>Denny Snyder (doh!)</TD></TR>
   <TR><TD>Description:</TD><TD>uBR1 Cable 3 Upstream 5 SNR 
   <TR><TD>Ip:</TD>         <TD>nn.nn.nn.nn (nn.nn.nn.nn)</TD></TR>

As I said..  This works great for those that can understand what the
output really is.....  I put a MaxBytes of 400 in due to a bug in Cisco
that when quering this particular OID you get bizarrely high numbers at
times (such as 18450) - which MRTG will drop quite nicely.  For anyone
that might be interested in using this - you need a recent IOS load... 
mine's 12.1(12c)EC.

If I could get a divide by ten to go somehow - I'd be golden!!

Thanks for any help in advance!!

Denny Snyder
Network Engineer
Susquehanna Communications
1050 E. King St
York, PA 17403
Office: (717)771-2613
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dsnyder at suscom dot com
dsnyder at suscom dot net

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