[mrtg] Re: week numbering

Greg.Volk at edwardjones.com Greg.Volk at edwardjones.com
Thu Jan 9 14:29:10 MET 2003

}Amusingly, my monthly graph shows weeks numbered from 00 to 51, but the
}year changed on the correct day.  ;-)
}I think this is what Greg meant.
}(version 2.9.22)


But this is actually a real issue. (I didn't realize it until I 
compared my work graphs with my home graphs). If you take a look at
the week numbering on the monthly graph at

see that 2002 ended at week 52 and 2003 started at week 01. 
However, I noticed on my work graphs that 2002 ended at week 51, 
and 2003 started at week 00. I'm thinking this is a 14all.cgi 
descrepancy - 14all is responsible for handing rrdtool the text
that gets added to the graphs, right? I am running version 1.1p17 
at work, and 1.1p23 at home. The only time related item I see in 
the 14all history log at http://my14all.sourceforge.net/history.html 
between 1.1p17 and 1.1p23 is: 

2002-07-13 v1.1p21 - handle Timezone[] setting

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