[mrtg] Re: mrtg first time installation help

Brett Marler brett at asroma.homeip.net
Fri Jan 10 04:40:42 MET 2003


> We only have CISCO network equipments and most are cisco routers 2600 series
> for remote sites (WAN) and some switches 4006.  But most important for me is
> to learn and understand how to configure and setup one sample site graph
> working via MRTG since this is my first time setting this up.  Once I got
> one
> working then I can work out the rest of them.  It would help if you can
> explain
> to me   what you mean OID and how to configure using "cfgmaker".  Are there
> some examples or websites out there maybe you can share with me to help me
> set it up.  With regard to MIB's, I'll check with CISCO tech support on this
> for download.
As I mentioned in my previous e-mail, on Tobias' MRTG pages he has a 
"Companion Sites / Links" section where he lists what people are doing with 
MRTG. One of those links is a page regarding MRTG and Cisco equipment 
(relevant in your case). Just fire up the main page in your browser 
(http://people.ee.ethz.ch/~oetiker/webtools/mrtg) and follow from there. You 
will also need to enable "snmp-server" on all your Cisco equipment. Also, you 
may want to apply an ACL of some sort for the write community so that nothing 
nasty happens.

As for explaining what an OID is, I think it's probably beyond the scope of a 
list like this. Either have a hunt around on Google or there are many books 
out there on the intricacies of SNMP. When Cisco TAC supply you (or tell you 
where) with the MIBS you'll see how everything on a Cisco router has it's on 
"object identifier".

> Also I am wondering whether I need to do anything with apache configuration
> so after I configured MRTG and how can I access to see the MRTG graph on my
> machine.   Assuming I would access via the browser to be able to see it?  If
> so
> what http path or address do I need to specify on the browser to allow me to
> see the mrtg graph.  Do I need to make some configuration changes for this
> to work
> or just access it via IPAddress directly (http://mymachineIPAddr)
Yes, thats right. In your mrtg.cfg you define a "WorkDir" where all the html 
and graph images are to be stored (e.g WorkDir: /var/www/html/mrtg"). Then 
it's as simple as typing "" into your web browser. Pretty 
straight forward.

Brett Marler.

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