[mrtg] Re: Running MRTG as services

Jim Witherell jwitherell at us.ibm.com
Fri Jan 17 22:58:44 MET 2003

I saw a nice how-to on how to set up the command line (below) to launch
using the Win2000 Scheduler control panel. I tried to find it again, but
can't seem to locate it. The big thing is that it can be set up with that
control panel without any additional tools (such as the FireDaemon product
mentioned at bottom). Anyway, here's an excerpt of the MRTG Win32
installation guide at www.mrtg.org. This will get you what you need.

Starting mrtg by hand every time you want to run it is not going to make
you happy I guess.

There is a special option you can set in the mrtg configuration file so so
that mrtg will not terminate after it was started. Instead it will wait for
5 minutes and then run again.

Add the option

 RunAsDaemon: yes

to your mrtg.cfg file and start it with:

 start /Dc:\mrtg-2.9.26b\bin wperl mrtg --logging=eventlog mrtg.cfg

If you use wperl instead of perl, no console window will show. MRTG is now
running in the background. If it runns into problems it will tell you so
over the EventLog. To stop MRTG, open the taskmanager and terminate the
wperl.exe process. If mrtg has anything to tell you these messages can be
found in the eventlog.

If you put a shortcut with

 Target:    wperl mrtg --logging=eventlog mrtg.cfg
 Start in:  c:\mrtg-2.9.26b\bin

into your startup folder, mrtg will now start whever you login to your NT

If you do not want to log into your NT box just to start mrtg. Have a look
at http://www.firedaemon.com/mrtg-howto.html which describes a free tool to
start any program as a Service. The pages gives specific instructions for
mrtg users.

Jim Witherell
Network Specialist                        --Live Intentionally--
IBM @ AK Steel Corp

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