[mrtg] Re: Monitoring Cisco H.323 VOIP gateways

Jerry Heidtke jheidtke at fmlh.edu
Thu Jan 23 00:29:01 MET 2003

Thanks Bob, but I'm not the one looking for the information on how to track
number of channels on the 26xx. I'm already tracking this successfully on a
5350 using the OID I listed.

However, my application is a little different than Dave's. I am tracking
B-channel usage on a remote access dial-in server fed by multiple PRI lines.
Dave wants to track B-channel usage on a VOIP gateway. The principle is the
same however; if the device supports CISCO-POP-MGMT-MIB the OID I use should
also work for Dave. This is not a table entry, just a regular gauge.

A couple other OIDs in this MIB that might work are:

The number of configured ISDN B-Channels that are
 currently occupied by analog calls.

The number of configured ISDN B-Channels that are
 currently occupied by both Digital and Analog calls.

The current number of active PPP calls received 
 by the managed device

The current number of active V.120 calls received 
 by the managed device

The current number of active V.110 calls received 
 by the managed device

There's also a table called cpmDS1DS0UsageTable, which has values broken
down by individual DS1 interfaces. For example, cpmDS1ActiveDS0s
(., where x is the DS1 number starting at
0) shows the number of B-Channels in use on each PRI. I just noticed that
cpmDS1ActiveDS0sHighWaterMark (. actually
gives the maximum number of channels that have ever (since last reset) been
used on each DS1, while cpmActiveDS0sHighWaterMark
(., which should be the aggregate of all DS1's,
doesn't work. Probably some bug in the agent.

Here's a section of my config. Note that the Max. Users number I have in
there doesn't work; but no one ever asked to have it fixed...

WithPeak[_]: ymw
Options[_]: gauge, growright, nopercent, integer
MaxBytes[_]: 100
ShortLegend[_]: Users
YLegend[_]: Users
LegendI[_]: Act. Users:
LegendO[_]: Max. Users:
Legend1[_]: Active and Maximum Users
Legend2[_]: Active and Maximum Users
Legend3[_]: Maximum Act. Users
Legend4[_]: Maximum Max. Users

. at x.x.x.x
Title[ras1-as5350_Users]: ras1-as5350 Users
PageTop[ras1-as5350_Users]: <H1>ras1-as5350 Users</H1>

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The CISCO-POP-MGMT-MIB is supported in V1 and V2 format for certain IOS
releases on the 26xx platform.

However, in order to access the information, you would have to look into a
table using three indexes (cpmDS1SlotIndex, cpmDS1PortIndex,

The below information looks like it might give you utilization information
for a single ds0.

As far as summing them up with MRTG, I'd be interested in seeing the cfg
file (assuming this works). It may require some pre processing before
sending it to MRTG.

-- cpmDS0Usage

cpmDS0UsageTable OBJECT-TYPE
    MAX-ACCESS not-accessible
    STATUS current
        "The DS0 usage table is for hardware and software
         objects not used as interfaces, and not covered in
         rfc1213.  These objects include analog calls coming
         over ISDN, Channelized T1, and Channelized E1.  This
         table is created for every DS1 line in the device."
    ::= { cpmDS0Usage 1 }

cpmDS0UsageEntry OBJECT-TYPE
    SYNTAX CpmDS0UsageEntry
    MAX-ACCESS not-accessible
    STATUS current
        "An entry in the DS0 Usage table."
    INDEX {cpmDS1SlotIndex, cpmDS1PortIndex, cpmChannelIndex }
    ::= { cpmDS0UsageTable 1 }

CpmDS0UsageEntry ::= SEQUENCE {
    cpmDS1SlotIndex Integer32,
    cpmDS1PortIndex Integer32,
    cpmChannelIndex Integer32,
    cpmConfiguredType INTEGER,
    cpmDS0CallType INTEGER,
    cpmL2Encapsulation INTEGER,
    cpmCallCount Counter32,
    cpmTimeInUse TimeTicks,
    cpmInOctets Counter32,
    cpmOutOctets Counter32,
    cpmInPackets Counter32,
    cpmOutPackets Counter32,
    cpmAssociatedInterface InterfaceIndexOrZero

    SYNTAX  Integer32
    MAX-ACCESS  not-accessible
    STATUS current
        "The slot index indicates the slot number on the
         device where the DS1 card resides."
    ::= { cpmDS0UsageEntry 1 }

    SYNTAX  Integer32
    MAX-ACCESS  not-accessible
    STATUS current
        "The port index indicates the port number of a
         specific DS1 on the DS1 card in the slot"
    ::= { cpmDS0UsageEntry 2 }

cpmChannelIndex OBJECT-TYPE
    SYNTAX  Integer32
    MAX-ACCESS  not-accessible
    STATUS current
        "The channel index that distinguishes the DS0 timeslot
         of the DS1 port.  The range of the channel index is based
         on the number of T1/E1 channels: 1-24(T1) and 1-31(E1)."
    ::= { cpmDS0UsageEntry 3 }

Is this what your looking for....

    SYNTAX TimeTicks
    MAX-ACCESS read-only
    STATUS current
        "The amount of time that this DS0 has been in use.
         This is computed by summing up the call durations
         of all past calls that have occupied this DS0."
    ::= { cpmDS0UsageEntry 8 }


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