[mrtg] mrtg + mimesweeper

Ed Slavin edslavin at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 28 16:04:36 MET 2003

I would like to create graphs for the mimesweeper filter areas (spam, 
obscene, etc.) this will show the # of msg in each area. Using perl to count 
the number of .a files in a given DIR will be equal to the amount in that 
filter.. I can output this very similar to the 'regular' mrtg log files - 
here's my question(s):
1) Must I format the top line of the log as time, total in, total out??
(if so this adds lots of math I was trying to avoid, of course I would then 
lose total counts...)
2) for all subsequent lines I only need the real value so was going to use 
the real value and just plug 3 zeros in after it:

1043765576 22 0 0 0
1043765577 2 0 0 0

to get MRTG to read/graph it as it would normally without an external perl 
script to parse it..

Any ideas on how to get the top line of the log 'correct' that is, actual 
running totals.. ANY help is APPRECIATED!! ir if someone has done this 
already and doesnt mind sharing some code ;)

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