[mrtg] Dive Utilization On WinNT 4.0

wolfe at daticon.com wolfe at daticon.com
Fri Jun 6 15:52:23 MEST 2003

Hello Group,
	I am trying to graph MB used and drive size in MB. Below is my
config. the value MaxBytes is from the HD properties. The value:
. is the used space in MB. The value:
. is the percent free, which I don't want
to graph. In the graph, the MB used is represented in the green shading.
This is what I want to do....
1. Have the drive utilization (used in MB) graphed as blue. This I can do by
swapping the position of the MIBS in Target.
2. Have the green shading represent the total drive size. Since I an unable
to locate that value in the MIBS, I would like to set up a fixed value
(4192731136). I don't know how to get that to graph.

The system I am monitoring is a WinNT box with the snmp4tcp installed. I use
a Linux box to gather the info via SNMP and create the graphs.

Austin Wolfe

# This Report File Template measures HDD from a Windows NT Machine
WorkDir: /home/mrtg/disk/winnt
RunAsDaemon: Yes
Options[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: gauge, unknaszero, growright,
ity at ip.ip.ip.ip
MaxBytes[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: 4192731136
YLegend[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: HDD Utilization
ShortLegend[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: Mbytes
Legend1[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: Average free hard disk space
Legend2[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: .         
Legend3[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: 4192731136
Legend4[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: &nsbp
LegendI[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: Used:
LegendO[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: Percent Free:
PageTop[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: <H1>ciscoworks</H1>
#WithPeak[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: ymw
Title[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: Ciscoworks
kilo[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: 1024
Xsize[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: 600
Ysize[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: 200
Ytics[ciscoworks-microsoft_winnt_hdd]: 10

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