[mrtg] mrtg numbers differ from snmpget

Reckhard, Tobias tobias.reckhard at secunet.com
Tue May 6 12:32:17 MEST 2003

I'm observing some strangeness (to me) when trying to graph a number of
system values acquired from a Solaris 8 box. I'm probably the one who's
wrong, not mrtg, so I'm looking for help here. This is, I must confess, the
first time I'm writing mrtg config statements myself.

For example, I'm monitoring the active TCP opens on said box. I do this by
querying tcpActiveOpens.0. mrtg uses 5-minute intervals and gives me between
14.0 and 21.0 kconn/s. I performed snmpget twice with 'sleep 300' between
the two and got the following results:

	TCP-MIB::tcpActiveOpens.0 = Counter32: 78841677
	TCP-MIB::tcpActiveOpens.0 = Counter32: 78847170

That's a difference of 5493 connections over a five-minute period, which is
18.31 connections per second. That falls within the range mrtg finds, but it
claims there to be around a thousand as many connections. What's wrong here?

I've got a number of other problems, some similar, with other parameters as

* tcpInSegs.0: same as above, mrtg graphs 1000 times the values that I
* tcpCurrEstab.0: This gauge type value is also plotted as 1000 times too
* hrSystemProcesses.0: mrtg plot this gauge type value as a constant 1.0k,
when in reality there are around 60 processes running on the system (as
revealed by snmpget)
* hrStorageUsed.101 and hrStorageUsed.102: mrtg reports zero where snmpget
reports ~25000 and ~160000 respectively. These variables are type INTEGER,
I've configured them as gauge, could that be a problem?

I've attached the config file, having replaced the community string and the
IP address of the host concerned. It did start out as a configmaker file,
but configmaker only created the configuration for the NIC, which is the
first target. Everything below that was added by myself.

Thanks in advance for any insights.

Tobias Reckhard
Security Networks AG      Tel   : +49(6196)95888-42
Mergenthalerallee 77      Fax   : +49(6196)95888-88
D-65760 Eschborn          E-Mail: tobias.reckhard at secunet.com

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