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Peter Glanville peter_glanville at cuk.canon.co.uk
Fri May 9 10:40:54 MEST 2003


Target 1 + -1 will give you the Average of the Totals
If you want the Total of the Averages, upgrade to RRD, plot the interface
on its own, and get Routers2 to put a third (total) line on the graph.

I am not sure how much difference you will see, and under what
And on a Friday, my brain does not want to work that one out! In fact, I
suspect that, with the way MRTG works, there is no difference.


 On 8/5/03 "Allon Bendavid" wrote:


Thanks a lot for the support.  I figure that the below setting needs to be
added to the cfg file, but even before I figure out how to use it, on the
face of it there might be a problem:

The line basically looks like it is instructing MRTG to add the traffic in
and out to create the total.  During a "current" snapshot, that is an
accurate total, however, during an "average" it is not, because it simply
treats the In and Out traffic as if they were simultaneous.

To accurately get an average of the total traffic, you need to get an
average of the combined totals of every snapshot and the number will be

Any thoughts?


On 5/8/03 1:20 AM, "Peter Glanville" <peter_glanville at cuk.canon.co.uk>

>>> Is there a way to create and additional statistic or graph
>>> that shows the combined traffic (in and out)of an interface?
>>> Allon Bendavid
>> you can do what you want with MRTG it is easy, see the docs.
>> nate
> OK, I know this question was asked a couple of days ago, and the answer
> RTFM on that occasion as well.
> I have re-read the manual and I cannot see where it mentions totalling in
> simple manner for newbies (which this user explained he is).
> Surely it would be more helpful to point him at the right part of the
> manual?
> I know that one solution is to do target plus itself (reversed) with the
> NoI option
> Target[total]: 1:public at + -1:public at
> But how is a newbie supposed to figure that out?
> Let's be helpful, even if it is tiring. Or get Alex to add it to the FAQ.
> Peter

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