[mrtg] how can i monitor my host cpu utilz & load avg

Juda Barnes mrtg at mymail.pent900.com
Wed May 21 07:02:16 MEST 2003

i have looking for an example how to build load-avg 
graph  i have found some examples using a script files
and so on , i have checked the mibs
and it seems i can use the laLoad.1 laLoad.2 and laLoad.3
i make the following cfg file

# Linux cpu
Target[linux-loadavg]:laLoad.1&laLoad.1:comunity at ip
MaxBytes[linux-loadavg]: 6
Title[linux-loadavg]: Load Average  -
PageTop[linux-loadavg]: <H1>Load Average -- linux.pent900.com</H1>
Unscaled[linux-loadavg]: ymwd
ShortLegend[linux-loadavg]: %
YLegend[linux-loadavg]: Load (%)
#Legend1[linux-loadavg]: Active CPU in % (Load)
LegendO[linux-loadavg]: Load
Legend2[linux-loadavg]: Load (%)
Options[linux-loadavg]: growright,gauge,nopercent

unfortenatley it isnt looking good , how can i change it 
or can some1 post a really working Load Avg monitoring ??

BTW i CPU Utilization will be great too ;-)
here is mine

# Linux cpu
 Target[linux-cpu]:ssCpuRawUser.0&ssCpuRawUser.0:comunity at localhost 
+ ssCpuRawSystem.0&ssCpuRawSystem.0:comunity at localhost 
+ ssCpuRawNice.0&ssCpuRawNice.0:comunity at localhost

MaxBytes[linux-cpu]: 100
Title[linux-cpu]: CPU LOAD -
PageTop[linux-cpu]: <H1>Active CPU Load % </H1>
Unscaled[linux-cpu]: ymwd
ShortLegend[linux-cpu]: %
YLegend[linux-cpu]: CPU Utilization
Legend1[linux-cpu]: Active CPU in % (Load)
LegendI[linux-cpu]:  Active
Options[linux-cpu]: growright,nopercent

but i think it seems my cpu sits on 25% all day and i think isnt working well ..

a working configuration for cpu util and cpu load will be very greatful
sincerly juda barnes

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