[mrtg] Re: Problem using MRTG with 60 minute interval

Oyvind Hallsteinsen Oyvind.Hallsteinsen at aitel.hist.no
Sat May 31 13:22:12 MEST 2003

SMBATES at caltex.com.au wrote:
> Hi,
>      If anyone can help with this, I very much appreciate it.
> I have used MRTG a lot for traffic monitoring, server monitoring
> and weather station monitoring, but always (till now)
> using the default 5 minute interval.
> What I am trying to now is monitor our many (ie 125) printers
> on an hourly basis, but am getting some unexpected results,
> and can't see what is wrong. Apologies in advance for the long email,
> but I think it is best to give as much info. as I can up front.

Hi, I am not sure if I have a solution to your problem, but I have 
experienced the exact same problems you have. I tried out 60 minute 
intervals in order to graph printed pages. This gave me the same 
problems you have experiencing.

I have tried out lots of stuff in order to get the graphs right - 
getting the data myself with a script vs using MRTG's built-in 
SNMP-support, experiencing with MRTG's configuration options, etc. I was 
not able to get things right no matter what I did.

 From my experience with MRTG run from cron with 60 minute intervals, 
the first line in the MRTG log-file was always correct (the current 
values), but on the rest of the lines, I would often see that values 
from one hour repeated itself over in the next hour. I tried setting the 
'unknaszero' option to see if I would get zero-value graphs - I did not 
- it still kept on repeating values.

I have now tried to run MRTG as a daemon instead from cron - and this 
has almost solved my problem. The graphs looks ok now (no repeating 
values),  but I have zero-value graphs some places where this is not 
correct. I have the 'unknaszero' option enabled now, I will try removing 
it too see if this is the problem.

I would try this out too if I where you - please report back on the 
results you get. Use the latest version of MRTG if you try this, and use 
'at' or similar to start it exactly at 18:00:00 or any other hour.

> 2) the day image file is odd in appearance too.
> ie, the first hour's vertical space is shaded gray
> and the hour numerals below it are often smeared
> into a black blob. Copy of image is attached
> (See attached file: ku13-day.png)

Same here, maybe the developers could help us answer why this happens?

As for JetDirect OID's, I don't graph the number of jobs, but the number 
of pages and papers. The first OID is the number of papers, and the 
second is the number of pages (they will obviousely differ if people use 
duplex printing).

# Global configuration
WorkDir: /path/to/mrtgfiles
Refresh: 600
Interval: 60
Language: Norwegian

# Studps
MaxBytes[studps]: 99999999
Options[studps]: growright, nopercent, noinfo, withzeroes, integer, 
perhour, unknaszero
Step[studps]: 3600
Target[studps]: at studps.skriver.idb.hist.no

Title[studps]: HIST AITeL - Utskriftsvolum: studps
PageTop[studps]: <h2>HIST AITEL - Utskriftsvolum: studps</h2>
YLegend[studps]: Antall per time
Legend1[studps]:Antall ark
Legend2[studps]:Antall sider

---[my mrtg startup-script]----
/usr/local/mrtg/bin/mrtg --daemon --pid-file=/var/lock/mrtg \
--logging /var/log/mrtg/mrtg.log \
--debug cfg,dir,base,tarp,snpo,fork,time,log /etc/mrtg.cfg

Regards, Øyvind Hallsteinsen

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