[mrtg] MRTG + perfmon + getlog.pl + RRDtool + CGI interface = ummm, err

Frank Ervin FErvin at 3dsi.com
Wed Sep 10 16:42:46 MEST 2003

Hello all,

I had MRTG working when it was generating the graphs using getlog.pl, but
now my problem is this:  In an attempt to make the whole system faster (so I
can add about ten other servers into the monitoring mix) I am trying to
integrate with RRDtool and 14all.cgi.  I am running MRTG 2.9.29 and RRDtool
1.0.40 under Windows 2000 SP3.


1. getlog.pl isn't putting any data into the database files created by
2. When I run the cgi the page loads, but where each graph is supposed to be
there is a broken image link.

Could someone please help me figure out where I am going wrong?  I am both
new to perl and MRTG, so please be gentle!  If anyone has gotten this
particular setup to work, might you post a .cfg? 

Thanks in advance,

I have installed everything into d:\mrtg\, with a second mrtg directory
containing that install as, another for  rrdtool, and a web directory
containing all cgi/cfg/rrd files. Here is my first .cfg:

WorkDir: d:\mrtg\private\logs
IconDir: d:\mrtg\private\images
PathAdd: d:\mrtg\rrdtool\src\tool_Release
LibAdd: d:\mrtg\rrdtool\perl-shared
logformat: rrdtool

Title[AOCVA010-1]:\\AOCVA010\Memory\Available MBytes
Pagetop[AOCVA010-1]: <H1>\\AOCVA010\Memory\Available MBytes</H1>
MaxBytes[AOCVA010-1]: 100
Options[AOCVA010-1]: gauge, nopercent
Target[AOCVA010-1]: `perl d:\mrtg\mrtg\bin\getlog.pl 
d:\perflogs\AOCVA010.csv "\\AOCVA010\Memory\Available MBytes"`
YLegend[AOCVA010-1]: Legend

------I cut out the rest of the counters... all from same .csv, stored in


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