[mrtg] Re: Somix templates and how to properly use them (cisco CPU OID)

Greg.Volk at edwardjones.com Greg.Volk at edwardjones.com
Mon Sep 22 19:39:10 MEST 2003

}> They announced that change in 10.3!  So, we've had 8 years 
}> to switch to the new and improved OIDs.  Why are people 
}> still using the old cisco-monolithic mib?  Are there that 
}> many people running 10.2.6 (the last stable release of IOS, \
}> before, say, 11.1.24cc) still?
People are still using the old OIDs because they work 
universally. As soon as cisco produces an IOS that doesn't 
respond to & 
and it makes it into my network, then I will make the changes 
to my templates. The big drawback to changing right now is 
that not all of my routers support queries against 

For instance, I have a 2600 out in the middle of nowhere that
is still running 12.0(7), and it doesn't respond to the 109 snmp
call while the 57 & 58 OIDs work fine. Yes, I agree that router
needs a new IOS, but after 3 years, 45 weeks, 19 hours, and 49 
minutes of continious runtime, I'd rather just let the thing be.
It's not in a vulnerable spot for Internet attacks or anything
like that and I've got more pressing matters to attend to.

}I was using the correct values and it said:
}Starting with Cisco IOS® software version 12.0(3)T, the 
}CISCO-PROCESS MIB and its objects:
}cpmCPUTotal5min (.
}cpmCPUTotal1min (.
}cpmCPUTotal5sec (.
}are used to replace the avgBusy5, avgBusy1, and busyPer 
}objects from the OLD-CISCO-CPU MIB, respectively.
}This indicated a change in version 12.x.

Yes, this does seem to indicate a change in 12.x, but in 
classic cisco fashion, this sweeping decree turns out to 
be an untrue statement.

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