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Jeff Cook Jeff.Cook at wecu.com
Fri Apr 2 01:58:07 MEST 2004

I know about the three lines you mention.  What I don't know about is the
lines in the config file to set the RRD file size.  What would these lines
look like.  Can they go in the MRTG config file?  I know I only need to set
the file size on the RRD file once.  But the reason I want to have MRTG
automatically create the file correctly in the first place is that the MRTG
config file is automatically changing.  Every time I make I change in the
database the MRTG config file changes.  So I may add a new switch to the
database with 48 interfaces and the next time MRTG runs it will create 48
new files.  Or 96 new files if I also check for CRC errors and one for CPU
and one for memory and one for...  That is a lot of files to manually go
back and change to have more data points.  

Thank You

Jeff Cook
Network Administrator
Whatcom Educational Credit Union

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To: Jeff Cook
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Hi Jeff,

You will need these lines on your config to make MRTG to use RRD instead
of Rateup :

Example :
LogFormat: rrdtool
PathAdd: /opt/rrdtool/bin/
LibAdd: /opt/rrdtool/lib/perl/

MRTG will create a RRD file each time the RRD file associate to each 
target that do not exist. Overtime, if the target don't change, MRTG
don't need to create a new RRD file. It will use the same RRD file, even
if you change any values (MaxBytes, Options, etc).

For the first change (adding the mentionned lines in config), MRTG will
create a bunch of them and this can kill your server or it take to long to
do it if it's a small server. I will sugest you to migrate slowly, a
couple of targets at the same time, not all of them. The number of target
depend on your server performance. Remember that MRTG will convert your
data from the old LOG file to RRD file.

What you can also do is start a second MRTG process that use the same
config include the 3 mentionned lines. The RRD files will be created and
the LOG file will be updated for your migration period. When you are
confortable with the RRD method, you can remove the first MRTG process.



On Thu, 1 Apr 2004, Jeff Cook wrote:

JC> Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2004 09:38:48 -0800
JC> From: Jeff Cook <Jeff.Cook at wecu.com>
JC> To: "List-MRTG (E-mail)" <mrtg at list.ee.ethz.ch>
JC> Subject: [mrtg] RRD Config
JC> I have been running MRTG for awhile now and it is working very well for
JC> I currently have the config file being written from a database on the
JC> This means that every time MRTG runs it gets a new config file.  It also
JC> means that all we need to do is make a change in the database and MRTG
JC> do what ever it needs to do.  
JC> I am looking to change to RRD with MRTG for the collection.  If I do
this I
JC> would like to change RRD to store minutely not every 5 minutes.  I think
JC> know how to change a RRD file to be able to have that many storage
JC> So here is my question.  Is there anyway to have a config file that
JC> will use to create the new RRD files?  I would want the RRD files to be
JC> created by MRTG with the right settings to begin with.  I don't think it
JC> would be good for me to have the MRTG config change automatically and
JC> have to remember to reconfigure the RRD file after each database change.
JC> 50% of the time I don't know when a change is made that would cause a
JC> RRD file to be made.
JC> Any Ideas would be very helpful.
JC> Thank You
JC> Jeff Cook
JC> Network Administrator
JC> Whatcom Educational Credit Union
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