[mrtg] Re: Question on how rateup program and perl routines in MRTGtie toge ther

PAUL WILLIAMSON pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Wed Apr 7 16:47:10 MEST 2004

>>> "Jyotin Basrur" <jbasrur at axiowave.com> 04/07/04 10:40AM >>>
>I need to modify/add to some of the features of MRTG. I am trying to
>understand how MRTG code works.

Oh boy...new features...

>Here is what I am headed for:
>I am assuming that MRTG simply takes the old and new values of the OID
>and subtracts it amd figures out what the rate is based on the polling

Not really, but sort of.  It also takes into account the EXACT time it is polled 
and "normalizes" the data for a possible over or under from the exact interval.

>If the value is a constant it will display a zero because there is no change
>in the value...essentially it plots a rate
>rather than a value. I need to make it plot a value as opposed to a rate.

Dang, all this just to say RTFM.  The feature is already there.  Read up 
on Options: gauge.


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