[mrtg] Re: Fixed graph units possible?

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Dec 1 21:35:54 MET 2004

>I have set up MRTG to monitor some 100 Mbps interfaces for my 
>manager with no problem. The graphs are unscaled in order that 
>he can easily see if maximum bandwidth is being reached at 
>all. However, he has also asked if the values for the 'In', 
>'Out', etc can be of a fixed unit. At present some graphs show 
>them as 'b/s', or 'kb/s' etc. He wants them all in 'Mb/s'. I 
>know that a very low value may well be shown as 0 due to the 
>precision being lost - i.e. '0.001Mb/s' may well be shown as '0.0Mb/s'.
This is possible if you use the routers2 frontend.  You need to set
routers.cgi*Options[targetname]: fixunit
which will prevent the 'k' or 'M' prefix.  Then, set
Factor[targetname]: 0.000001
ShortLegend[targetname]: Mb/s
and this will divide by 1000000 and display everything with an Mb/s suffix.
Effectively, this will then show everything as Mb/s.
If you are also using the 95thPercentile/Totalling feature, you will need
routers.cgi*TotalLegend[targetname]: Mb
so that it is totalled with the correct units.


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