[mrtg] Need help with CPU utilization on cat 6509A switch....

Westley Chang ChangW at gao.gov
Mon Dec 27 17:50:08 MET 2004

  I am trying to monitor CPU utilization on a cat 6509A switch.  I have
perused the archives and came up with an old archive message (e.g. Re:
cpu and memory utilization using cfgmaker) that gives a template in
terms of setting up the cfg file.  However, after running this cfg file,
I am getting a flat-line!  After approximately half an hour, it is still
a flatline.  Please help......

Instead of using the cfgmaker to create the file (e.g. perl cfgmaker
xxxxxx at 10.X.X.X --global "WorkDir: c:\mrtg\cat6509a" --output
6509a.cfg), I used notepad and cut and pasted the template given from
the message list (http://www.ee.ethz.ch/~slist/mrtg/msg28548.html) . 
Here is the cfg file:
 RouterUptime[router.cpu]: public{at}router
 MaxBytes[router.cpu]: 100
 Title[router.cpu]: Router Processor Utilization on Router
 PageTop[router.cpu]: <H1>Processor Utilization for Cisco Router</H1>
 Unscaled[.cpu]: ymwd
 ShortLegend[router.cpu]: %
 Options[router.cpu]: gauge

 runasdaemon: yes
 workdir: c:\mrtg\cat6509a

**For [router.cpu] I put in the IP address of the switch: 10.X.X.1 
Why am I getting a flatline?????


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