[mrtg] PIX Firewall

Frank Ervin FErvin at 3dsi.com
Tue Jan 6 22:30:42 MET 2004

Hello all,

I am trying to access CPU, memory, and connections on a Cisco PIX 515 E
running IOS 6.3(2).  I am able to get all interfaces by IP, so I am assuming
(correctly??) that SNMP is enabled properly on the firewall. MRTG seems to
run properly, all of the OIDs I have tried return nothing but zeros,
although all the traffic data is accurate (I am also successfully using
getlog.pl to monitor servers)... I have 2 Questions:
1. Do OIDs vary between devices of the same type (i.e. can OIDs vary from
one PIX to another)?
2. If not-- Has anyone got any OIDs that work with a PIX 515 E running IOS

I am unable to run GetIf in order to do an SNMP walk becuase we've no
servers with SNMP installed at our production location, and would rather not
have to install it if at all possible because of security concerns... Does
anyone know of a SNMP walking utility that contains it's own SNMP code like
MRTG does?

Any other suggestions of things to look at would be greatly appreciated.


Here is part of my cfg:

Target[PIX01-1]: at xx
Options[PIX01-1]: gauge,nopercent,growright,nobanner,integer
WithPeak[PIX01-1]: wmy
YLegend[PIX01-1]: Util(percent)
MaxBytes[PIX01-1]: 100
LegendI[PIX01-1]: CPU Usage (5 secs)
LegendO[PIX01-1]: CPU Usage (1 min)
Title[PIX01-1]: My PIX
Unscaled[PIX01-1]: dwmy
Legend1[PIX01-1]: CPU utilisation over 1 minute
Legend2[PIX01-1]: CPU utilisation over 5 minute
Legend3[PIX01-1]: Maximal CPU utilisation over 1 minute
Legend4[PIX01-1]: Maximal CPU utilisation over 5 minute
ShortLegend[PIX01-1]: %
PageTop[PIX01-1]: <table width="100%" border="0">
  <td><h2>Cisco CPU Utilisation Report</h2></td>
  <td><h3>PIX CPU</h3></td>
  <td><p>PIX :</p></td>

Target[PIX01-2]: at xxxip
MaxBytes[PIX01-2]: 1024
Title[PIX01-2]: PIX 515E MEM
PageTop[PIX01-2]: <H1>PIX01 MEM</H1>
Options[PIX01-2]: gauge, nopercent, unknaszero
YLegend[PIX01-2]: Bytes
ShortLegend[PIX01-2]: Bytes
Legend1[PIX01-2]: Free
Legend2[PIX01-2]: Used
Legend3[PIX01-2]: Max value per interval on graph
Legend4[PIX01-2]: .
LegendI[PIX01-2]: Free
LegendO[PIX01-2]: Used
Colours[PIX01-2]: GREEN#00eb0c,BLUE#0000ff,GRAY#AAAAAA,VIOLET#ff00ff
WithPeak[PIX01-2]: ymw

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