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Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at ergens.op.het.net
Sat Jan 10 00:25:16 MET 2004

On Fri, Jan 09, 2004 at 06:02:12PM -0500, Frank Ervin wrote:
> I have modified getlog.pl to graph 404 errors per interval using the Web
> Service/Total Not Found Errors perfmon counter. The problem is this:
> We have contracted an independent security firm to audit our systems
> monthly.  The scan results in nearly 2000 404 errors.  This makes the axis
> scale so much that a slight increase in 404s is not noticable.  I would like
> to keep the axis reasonable enough to notice a small number of 404s, but I
> also need to keep the maxbytes total high enough where I'd be able to see
> huge bursts of 404s. Is it possible to force the axis  to be  something like
> this:
> 5000
> 50
> 25
> 10
> 0
> If not, Is there a way to keep the axis small, but still "graph" points
> somewhere above bounds?  Then I could at least still see the line shooting
> off the top of the graph...

It would be an ugly set of hacks, but what about this:

I don't know the getlog.pl script but let's assume this returns
the same number twice (for "inbound" and "outbound").  Change this.
Let one of them return numbers as described in the next paragraph,
the other one should return the real number of errors.  Now do not
display this counter (use "noi" or "noo" as appropriate).

The modified value will work normally when the number of errors stays
below 75.  If the number of errors is 75 or more, return 95.

This means that normal rates will be up to 75 and any higher number
of errors will stand out.  The Y-axis label will be somewhat incorrect,
because 95 does not mean 95.

In your day to day operation, you will see up to 75 errors per interval,
or you will easely notice the number is above 75 (without knowing the
exact amount!)

When so desired, change "noi" into "noo" (or vice versa), delete the
images and wait until the next run of mrtg.

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