[mrtg] Re: MRTG History...or Interactive MRTG revisited

Jason Humes jhumes at acs.on.ca
Mon Mar 8 14:47:42 MET 2004

Would there not be some script or batch file or something simple to pull the
data from the standard MRTG logs (which hold ALL the data from the original
time of start) and replay it through the mrtg script...hrmmm...It sounds
like using router2.cgi to do this would require me to manually click
"Archive" on any graph I MAY want to see in the future, but in most cases I
don't know what graphs I want to archive until I need to see one day in more
detail in which case being able to, on the fly, enter in a date and have
MRTG find that spot in the log file and then run the graph creation
script...I may be over-simplifying this...let me know what you think.

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> Hi
> I was just going through the history of this list and found a post 
> regarding an "Interactive MRTG"...I'm not sure if this was ever 
> developed or not...but what it sounds like, and what I'm looking for, 
> is some way to display all of the older log data in the "Day" view. I 
> mean...maybe I could type in a date and have MRTG pull the logs for 
> that date and then display the data in the "Day" graph...instead of 
> the week, month, year...I guess just for the added detail.  Thanks for 
> any info on this...
> Jason D. Humes

If you are storing your data in .rrd files, this is not possible. This is
due to the way RRDTool averages the data points over time. The graphs are
generated on the fly from the .rrd files, and the data points that make up
the graphs that you see today are not going to be around a week from now.
However, the routers2.cgi front-end has been developed with some 'graph
archiving' code that enables you to archive specific graphs. So, if you look
into this further, it may allow you to archive your daily graphs and be able
to refer back to them at a future date. While I use routers2.cgi
(http://www.steveshipway.org/), I have not tested nor used the archive
feature, so I can't offer you much more detail.


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