[mrtg] Re: MRTG perl processes

Tim Sheets TSheets at illinois.net
Wed Mar 10 20:50:27 MET 2004

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> From: Robin [mailto:robin at manx.net]
> I have MRTG running on a small Compaq deskpro with Windows
> 2000 server.
> It is currently polling about 50 different devices and
> interfaces. This has caused the server to be virtually 
> unusable as I have at least a dozen perl.exe processess 
> running at the same time.

Two suggestions...

First, you could try running a single (or only a couple of) instance of
perl/mrtg with a "master.cfg" and include your other cfg files.

Refresh: 300
Interval: 5
Options[_]: growright,bits,<whatever options you use globally>
WorkDir: <your workdir>
<etc.. Etc.. Etc..>

Include: /path/to/cfgs/device1.cfg
Include: /path/to/cfgs/device2.cfg
Include: /path/to/cfgs/device3.cfg

That way only one instance is run, and you set the global options here,
the individual configs are run one after the other.  May take longer,
but should be less of a strain on the system (especially on memory).
Need to watch out for it taking longer than the 5 minutes, though.

The other thing you could check in to that will greatly reduce the load
on the machine is converting to rrd on the back-end.  That way, you
aren't re-creating all those html/png/bak files with every run.  The
data is logged into a round robin database.  You use a separate (cgi)
front end that reads the rrd's and generates the html and graphs on the
fly, only when you call them up with a browser.  Much more efficient!!

Good Luck


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