[mrtg] Re: Measuring Server's CPU/MEM/Disk Space

Hieu Cao HCao at grahamwebb.com
Wed Mar 17 19:12:25 MET 2004

Thank you for your response.  I did run the mrtg script from the command
line, then created a service to run on our win2k server.  I went back and
rechecked everything and found an issue with the mrtg.cfg file, so I
recreated it and now it seems to be working fine.  I am actually looking
into measuring cpu/mem performance, not neccessarily having to measure the
network traffic going through the server.

Thank you for pointing me into the right direction.


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> Can someone please show me an example of mrtg measuring server's cpu
> utilization, memory, or disk space usage script if you can.
> I am new to
> mrtg and trying to get it to measure server's parameters;  I
> got the config
> file generated but it's not measuring anything.

Did you actually run the script called 'mrtg'? That starts the actual
polling based on the config file you generate. Also, you need some means of
displaying your data. I use rrdtool as a database and routers2.cgi to
display it on a Web page; there are other methods. It's not enough to
the config file -- you have to poll for the data and then do something with

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