[mrtg] reports truncating?

Jack Coates jack at monkeynoodle.org
Tue Mar 30 20:09:35 MEST 2004

http://felix.monkeynoodle.org/mrtg/felix/spam_percent_spam.html looks
like it's been running for about two days, right? Well, it has nearly
three months of data in it, but it never shows more than the most recent
two days.

this report is generated with:
# show percentage of spam messages 
Target[spam_percent_spam]: `/usr/local/sbin/spamstats.pl localhost spam`
Directory[spam_percent_spam]: felix
MaxBytes[spam_percent_spam]: 100000 
Title[spam_percent_spam]: Spam Statistics 
PageTop[spam_percent_spam]: <H1>Percent of e-mails identified as
WithPeak[spam_percent_spam]: dwmy 
YLegend[spam_percent_spam]: percent of messages 
ShortLegend[spam_percent_spam]: messages 
LegendI[spam_percent_spam]: &nbsp;Spam: 
LegendO[spam_percent_spam]: &nbsp;Clean: 

spamstats.pl is a nasty little hack job, but I can show it if necessary;
however, since it powers another mrtg report that is working fine, I
don't suspect it.

the mrtg-generated log is growing regularly, but I'm not sure how to
read it; it looks like new data is prepended to the head, correct? The
last two-thirds or so is certainly full of zeroed out data.

Is this related to the use of percentages?

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