[mrtg] Problems with MRTG using ifDescr, MRTG upgrade question.

Lars Goldschlager lars.gold at gmail.com
Wed Nov 3 19:57:25 MET 2004

Greetings, I write for we use MRTG 2.5 in a production enviroment and
as such I need to post loyal Mrtg users here two questions/problems.

a) I am thinking of updating MRTG to the latest (2.10.15) can you
foresee any changes in the configuration syntax or libraries
requirements from mrtg 2.5 to 2.10? This is a production system so the
update should be as painless as possible.

b) I am presenting a trouble using ifDescr for MRTG with the \
Target[myrouter]: \My-Interface2:public at x.x.x.x
In this case my problem is the following, this seems to work (or could
work) with normal ifDescr names, the problem arises with descriptions
that include a dot, for example "Serial4/0.560" (very common in our
frame relay routers), the trouble here is that when I feed MRTG the
interface number this works well (saddly being dynamically rearranged
in cisco routers if we ever restart the router the interfaces are
bound to change numbers if there was any change in config at all.)
trouble is, when trying to use this via ifDescr mrtg sees the dot and
thinks this is an OID, a wrongly written OID, so it's obiously not
working, I've tried to escape the dot to no avail, is there any way to
overcome this? shall an upgrade to lattest mrtg include this in the
fixed bugs? (sorry I am asking but look as I could I couldn't find a
changelog for mrtg that's why I ask here).

Thanks for any help.
Lars Goldsclager.

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