[mrtg] RES: Exchange Server 2003

Eduardo Oliveira Scricco (Service) escricco at rge-rs.com.br
Tue Nov 16 11:58:18 MET 2004

Hi David,

Try WMI, using a tool from Microsoft called Scriptomatic

You can write your own scripts or download some from the net and

I use one 'default' script where I simple change the variables to get
another values.
Here is a script to get SMTP traffic:

'<-- cut here -->
Set oArgs=wscript.arguments
HostName = oArgs.item(0)
set oSvc = GetObject("winmgmts:\\" & HostName & "\root\cimv2")

wqlQuery = "select BytesReceivedPersec,BytesSentPersec from

for each oData in oSvc.ExecQuery(wqlQuery)
	for each oProperty in oData.Properties_
		if oProperty.Name = "BytesReceivedPersec" then
			BytesReceivedPersec = oProperty.Value
		elseif oProperty.Name = "BytesSentPersec" then
			BytesSentPersec = oProperty.Value
		end if

wscript.echo BytesReceivedPersec
wscript.echo BytesSentPersec

wscript.echo Date() & " " & Time()
'<-- cut here -->

In Mrtg cfg file, you simple call it by 
Target[exchange_smtp]: `cscript //nologo
\mrtg\scripts-wmi\smtp_traffic.vbs exchange_server`

Remember the user running MRTG must have administrative privileges under



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> I was wondering if anyone knows of a good resource for some 
> sample configs for monitoring Exchange Server 2003, 
> particularly queues.  I hate re-inventing the wheel. David A. 
> Morrow Technical Systems Lead Autodata Solutions Company 
> David.Morrow at Autodata.Net http://www.autodata.net

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