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rglauser at areaofficeonaging.com rglauser at areaofficeonaging.com
Wed Oct 6 21:17:52 MEST 2004

I have configured a packet filter allowing udp port 161 both ways on the
ISA server and it made no difference.  

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On ISA server, you need to configure a packet filter to allow UDP port
161 in and out from the internal network.


I tried running getif on the ISA server itself and there was no response
at all. I suspect that it has to do with security settings within ISA
itself, or perhaps MIB files that are incorrect.


Did you try to run getif (or any other snmp utility) on the same box
(localhost or 


I have checked the SNMP service configuration. I have tested it with
listed hosts and with "from any hosts." I have made sure that the xp
firewall is disabled. The service is running on the ISA server and Getif
does return some data but only identifies one of the three nic cards in
the server. 

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You might want to check your SNMP service configuration.  By default,
Win2k and Win2k3 server will respond to only to hosts listed in the
security tab (localhost by default).  If you have "from these hosts"
selected, you MUST have your monitoring server listed.  Also, if you use
a NetBIOS or DNS name here, your server must be able to resolve the
name.  To alleviate both of these issues, you can use the "from any
host" to test. 

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Neither mib walker is on a server. One is on W2K pro and the other XP. I
am not aware of any way to place an ACL on the snmp service running on a


Is Solarwinds on another server than GetIf? 
If so, then perhaps the SNMP service on the target is set to allow SNMP
access from the Getif server and not the SolarWindws service.


Yes the solarwinds mib walker is polling on UDP port 161 and 
can successfully poll other serers. 


Is your SNMP poll/walk/whatever from Solarwinds on the same UDP 
port as GetIf?  Or does it poll on another port?  Can you use 
Solarwindws to poll another server to verify settings? 


I am having a problem setting up MRTG on ISA server 2000. <SNIP> 

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