[mrtg] Re: query re speed of processing against many mrtg targets ...

Peter Glanville peter_glanville at cuk.canon.co.uk
Mon Oct 11 15:13:55 MEST 2004

> dhazell at aap.com.au wrote:
>> Does anyone have any tips on how to run W2000 mrtg server faster from
>> software point of view - (perhaps I need to upgrade the system to 
>> that generates the graphs on demand rather than always whether the 
>> are needed or not.)  Is it true it is probably faster to have multiple
>> processes running mrtg against many targets at the same time.
>> Your insights will be appreciated.
> I have my CFG files stored in 5 different folders, and use Task 
> Scheduler to run a batch file with the folder name as a parameter (well, 
> sorta). Meanwhile, I put the configs in the different folders based on 
> how long they run so that I get an even distribution across the 5 
> instances. So in task scheduler I start an instance every 1 minute, and 
> each instance takes less than 60 seconds.  I run about 150 configs this 
> You may want to also consider converting some of your larger configs to 
> RRDTool, as it significantly speeds up polling.  Problem is that it 
> slows down displaying the graphs of course, but its a price worth paying 

> Eric Brander

I agree.
If you are thinking of moving to RRD, consider using Routers2.cgi to view 
the output.
This is designed to read a load of CFG files from a folder structure and 
displays accordingly (like having indexmaker built in). So its worth 
considering the directory structure to use when splitting up existing CFG 
eg one folder per Site, containing one CFG for switches and another for 
the Router

I found MrDaemon good for launching things.


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