[mrtg] Re: One Master Config versus Several

PAUL WILLIAMSON pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Wed Apr 6 22:28:09 MEST 2005

>>> <Chuck.Coker at rcc.edu> 04/06/05 4:13 PM >>>
> Hi Folks,
> My MRTG box is underpowered and this causes a lot of 
> problems. Unfortunately, I don't have many options.

Generally, this causes problems with any software.

> Currently, I have one master config file that is arranged 
> like this:
> mrtg.cfg
>     Include: router-1.cfg
>     Include: router-2.cfg
>     Include: router-3.cfg
>     Include: switch-1.cfg
>     Include: switch-2.cfg
>     Include: switch-3.cfg
> and so on.

Good idea, bad implementation.
>  After I include x number of devices, the MRTG script 
> can't complete its polling cycle in five minutes or less 
> and I have a new instance of MRTG starting before the 
> last one has finished. Eventually this leads to an "out of 
> swap space" condition which locks up the box.

Yep, I'd expect that.  Windows or *nix?

>  I was wondering if it would help to arrange files like this:
> mrtg-1.cfg
>     Include: router-1.cfg
>     Include: switch-1.cfg
> mrtg-2.cfg
>     Include: router-2.cfg
>     Include: switch-2.cfg
<snip> etc...
> and have cron start them one minute apart.

Sounds good.  

> My thoughts are that doing all that including in a 
> single mrtg.cfg file eats up a lot of resources and 
> I could make better use of what I have by spreading 
> things around a little bit.

Makes perfect sense.  One process to manage a 
smaller subset.  Normal system admin type stuff.

> Has anyone tried this? If so, what happened? Would 
> this help stop overlapping processes? Or would it still 
> have the same problem just with more files to maintain 
> and worry about?

This should help your situation.  If you're on *nix, you 
could also increase the forks.  If you're on windows, 
you could try using FireDaemon/Mr. Daemon if 
you aren't already.

Or, switch to RRDTool backend and eliminate the 
pesky html redraws every 5 minutes.

> Thanks,
> Chuck


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