[mrtg] Re: Cutting the graph at a specific value

Peter Glanville Peter_Glanville at cuk.canon.co.uk
Thu Apr 14 09:46:14 MEST 2005

> Guillermo Hechem wrote:
> > By "ignore" I mean that the backup process just doesn´t appear in the 
> > It´s as if there wasn´t any traffic in the interface at that time.
> > What I want is to see that backup traffic, which normally rises to 8 
MB, but 
> > only up to 1 MB, so as to be able to appreciate the rest of the 
> > 
> > Hope it´s clear now.
> I have exactly the same problem, and I know exactly what you want to do!
> What you mean is that you want to fix the y-axis scale to 0-1MB, and 
"clip" the
> graph if it goes off the scale.

If you set Maxbytes to 1Mb, (and Abmax the same), values above that will 
be ignored. How will it be plotted? Without unknownaszero, I thought it 
simply re-used the last known value, and would flat line. Since your 
backup may ramp-up to the high level, the flatline would be quite high. I 
think once you move on to RRD you get it handled differently.


Plot the same value twice, once showing real traffic, with big peaks but 
unreadable daytime, and once with a cut off top. Then you can look at 
eiter graph to give you what you want to see.


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