[mrtg] Re: mrtg-ping-probe error:

Peter W. Osel pwo at Infineon.com
Fri Apr 15 02:37:09 MEST 2005

> *** endika azueta atutxa <patxi44 at hotmail.com>
> *** [2005-04-13 23:38:50]:
> I am trying to configurate mrtg on windows 2000.
> ...
> I follow them as they say but i get an error:
> mrtg-ping-probe:could not find a ping summary for


please make sure, you are using the latest release of mrtg-ping-probe,
release 2.2.0 which can be found at:


If this does not resolve your issue, please send me the complete output
of the error message, including the output from the ping command.

which locale of Windows are you using (spanish, portugese, ... ?)

if Release 2.2.0 of mrtg-ping-probe will not work on your windows system,
you can try the following changes

change line 273 from

        elsif ($ping_output =~ m@^\s+\w+\s+=\s+(\d+(?:\.\d+)?)ms,\s+\w+\s+=\s+(\
d+(?:\.\d+)?)ms,\s+\w+\s+=\s+(\d+(?:\.\d+)?)ms\s+$@m) {

to read

        elsif ($ping_output =~ m@^\s+\S+\s+=\s+(\d+(?:\.\d+)?)\s*ms,\s+\S+\s+=\s+(\
d+(?:\.\d+)?)\s*ms,\s+\S+\s+=\s+(\d+(?:\.\d+)?)\s*ms\s+$@mi) {

        (adding \s* before each of the three ms)

and change the line 295 from
        elsif ($ping_output =~ m@\((\d+)%\s+(?:loss|perdidos|persi|de perda|Verlust)\),\s+$@m) {

to read
        elsif ($ping_output =~ m@\((\d+)%\s+(?:loss|perdidos|persi|de perda|Verlust|verlies)\),\s+$@m) {

        (adding |verlies after Verlust

Hope this helps


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