[mrtg] Re: Ok, this is fun, how can I monitor arbitrary datanow

PAUL WILLIAMSON pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Tue Dec 6 12:14:51 MET 2005

> >>> "Scott Haneda" <lists at newgeo.com> 12/06/05 5:10 AM >>>
> on 12/6/05 1:22 AM, Koelstra, J. (Jan) at JKoelstra at MINSZW.NL wrote:

> > 
> > If you can get the data via command line then you can script it.
MRTG can
> > graph the results if your script provides the right output format.
> > 
> > Have a look at the section "External Monitor Scripts" in the
> > MRTG-reference.html.
> Ok, I don't entirely get it, do I need to install something like
netSNMP and
> feed my data to that, and have mrtg get it from there?
> For example, lets say I can get CPU temp at will, do I run a cron job
to get
> it once every minute or so, and then have MRTG get the data from its
> If so, how do you do this, there is no user at hostname format to a
plain text
> file that I will dump data to.

Cron is not needed.  Only MRTG to call the external script.
Look at the external program reference.  It's all in there.
Also, Alex does a pretty good job of explaining it if Tobi's directions

aren't clear enough.

Is MRTG running on the host where you want to grab the data?  If so, 
you need to get familiar with something like perl or some sort of shell

scripting language and call the program from within a cfg file just 
like you created with cfgmaker.  Although the custom script 
will be called from the target line with backticks instead of 
OIDs.  You can get REAL fancy and have the external program 
write to a temporary snmp OID and then have MRTG grab it 
from there, or do the old unix trick of putting the external 
program on a specific port, and have mrtg hit that port, causing 
the external program to run, returning the numbers you're looking 
for.  The last two options are if you are running MRTG on a different 
box than where the data is located you want to graph.


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