[mrtg] Re: Base logic for external arbitrary data to mrtg

Scott Haneda lists at newgeo.com
Wed Dec 7 04:43:15 MET 2005

>> I don't fully understand what MRTG does under the hood to get
>> the "data over time" parts.
> It collects the data every 5 minutes and shoves it into a flat
> text file.  Once the data is in there, you don't need to do
> anything else except let it continue to collect data.

Noted, thanks, will review the format.

> In your case with mail messages, you need to make
> sure that you're getting at least 300 mail messages per 5
> minute period.  If less than that, MRTG will report that
> you have 0 messages per minute, shown in 5 minute
> graphinh increments.  Because if you get *close* to
> 300, but not quite 300 (like 299), is less than
> 1.  Therefore it will show up as a 0 rate for that
> 5 minute time period.  If you continue to get less than
> 1 message per second on average, the graph
> will continue to show 0.  Once you get the idea,
> it's pretty easy to follow.  Of course, there are options
> you can add (like perminute) to change that
> graphing/data collection behavior.

Can you point me to some relevant links, I know for sure, I wont be doing
300 over 5 minutes, no where close to that.

> Make sense?  Good.  If not, keep asking questions,
> We were all newbies once.

I certainly will :-) I am just addicted to this thing now, working on a way
to MRTG how many cigarettes I smoke per day :-)

> Remember that MRTG was designed to report data
> flowing through a network interface in five minute
> intervals.  It has evolved into being able to report
> on any integer rate of change over time, typically
> in 5 min, 30 min, 2 hour and 24 hour increments.

Yeah, constantly amazing me the results I get in google and what people have
adapted it to be able to do.

Thanks again.
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