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Ruttenberg, Tanya Tanya.Ruttenberg at ssa.gov
Tue Dec 13 15:15:17 MET 2005

I already use rrdtool to store data.  But how is that going to tell me if a
target can't be evaluated because there was no response vs. a bogus target
name?  I'm not talking about reports on the data, I'm talking about reports
on failed attempts to get data from targets.

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> "parsing the MRTG log file AND writing a report based on the contents" 
> is what I really meant to say.
> Kind of like awstats for MRTG if anyone is familiar with this.

By far the easiest way to achieve this is to move to RRDTool.  There are
many reporting scripts for RRD-based databases, since this is much more
flexible.  It's also more efficient!

You can switch your existing MRTG over to use RRD without too much trouble.
There is a conversion utility to change .log files to .rrd, and you just
have to add one line to the .cfg files to let MRTG know.  You will also find
a huge performance improvement on data gather.

The downside is that you will need to install a CGI script - such as
routers2, 14all or mrtg-rrd - to display the graphs (which are now created
on demand) but this will give you more flexibility in any case.  Then, there
is a Perl library (and also a PHP library) to access and query the RRD
database from any script you care to write.

Rather than try to parse the old .log files, and have to deal with locking
issues, I'd go this way.


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