[mrtg] Re: Whats after MRTG?

McDonald, Dan Dan.McDonald at austinenergy.com
Fri Dec 16 18:15:45 MET 2005

On Fri, 2005-12-16 at 11:06 -0600, Matt Kowske wrote:
> Well I just got into MRTG and think it's really cool.  I have an index 
> page with a bunch of  graphs monitoring my servers at home.  Just as I 
> got it all setup I ran across somethings about rrdtool.  Is this a 
> replacement for MRTG? 
No, it is a replacement for rateup, which is the default back-end data
storage program for mrtg.

>  Should I be using it instead? 

That depends...
1.  Do you need sub-integer precision?
2.  Do you need to poll more than every 5 minutes?
3.  Do you need to graph negative numbers?
4.  Are you CPU bound with graph generation when you poll?
5.  Do you need to stack graphs and do other custom graphing?

if the answer to any of this is "yes", then rrdtool is a better backend
than rateup.

>  I figured out 
> it's a way to record data to a database, but then getting the data out 
> of it and making graphs with it seems really difficult.

No, just toss one of the canned front-ends on, like routers2.cgi.  It
reads the mrtg config and generates a nice hierarchical set of graphs.

> What is the consensus? I think I'd like to use rrdtool in the long 
> run.. it seems better, and able to do more.  But I don't want to spend 
> hours and hours setting up graphs.  MRTG is easy... is there a 
> compromise here?
Yes.  rrdtool is merely a better backend.  MRTG is not going away any
time soon.

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