[mrtg] Re: Newbie question

Bill Wichers billw at waveform.net
Mon Feb 28 23:41:41 MET 2005

> So should I take that to mean that whatever entry I make for my MaxBytes
> should be in bytes, but the graph will display in bits? For example, my
> Pix
> has 3 interfaces - outside (T-1), inside (local Ethernet), DMZ (another
> Ethernet).

Yes, you still need to put a number of bytes into MaxBytes, but the graph
will display in bits. We use that here to monitor all kinds of things,
since the serial circuit capacity is always specified in bits/sec so
that's what everyone wants to see.

> Since what I mainly want to do is monitor bandwdith of the T-1, I want to
> monitor interface 1 and 3. Do I list the MaxBytes for both of these
> interfaces to be 193000 (T-1 bandwidth in bytes)? And so my graph would
> show
> the bandwidth consumed in bits?

You are correct. In reality a T1 can't really move 193000 bytes/second
since there is overhead and some framing bits that reduce the realizable
capacity a bit. It's not really worth worrying about unless you're a
purist though (I use 193000 on my own T1 circuits :-). Your graphs will
display in bits/sec, kbits/sec, or Mbits/sec when you set the "bits"
option in the config file.

AFAIK, MaxBytes is always in bytes, and always interpreted the same way by
MRTG. None of the other config file directives modify it's behaviour.


Waveform Technology
UNIX Systems Administrator

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