[mrtg] Can you change the "INTERVAL" (for calculating maxes) but not the 5-minute update period?

SHOLAAS Margaret G Margaret.G.SHOLAAS at ris.lane.or.us
Fri Jun 3 07:04:43 MEST 2005

On the MRTG website
describing the log file format says that records immediately following the
first record have the format

Column 1: Timestamp

Column 2: Bytes input in last 5 minutes (i.e. since the last update)

Column 3: Bytes output in the last 5 minutes

Column 4: Max bytes input in a 5-minute period in the last INTERVAL

Column 5: Max bytes output in a 5-minute period in the last INTERVAL.


Regarding columns 4 and 5 it says they represent "[t]he... maximum ...
transfer rate in bytes per second for the current INTERVAL [my caps]. This
is calculated from all the updates which have occurred in the current
INTERVAL. If the current INTERVAL is 1 hour, and updates have occurred every
5 minutes, it will be the biggest 5 minute transfer rate seen during the
hour." From this I see that INTERVAL and update period are not necessarily
the same thing-an INTERVAL could potentially have many update periods. An
INTERVAL of an hour would have 12 5-minute update periods.


However the MRTG configuration reference
(http://people.ee.ethz.ch/~oetiker/webtools/mrtg/mrtg-reference.html) uses
the word "interval" to mean the same thing as the update period (by default,
5 minutes). That seems consistent with the values I see in my log files
columns 4 and 5-they're basically the same numbers as those in columns 2 and
3 (without being adjusted for delays in reading the OIDs, as columns 2 and 3
are) evidently because there's only one update in each interval, therefore
its values are always the max that occurred in that interval.


1. Do I understand correctly? Is the max really the same as the reading for
that 5-minute period because the INTERVAL and the update period are the


2. Can you leave the update period at the default 5 minutes (so you run MRTG
every 5 minutes) but change the INTERVAL to be something else, say, a hour,
so that columns 4 and 5 represent the max values gotten in 12 5-minute
updates? If so how?





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