[mrtg] Re: Problems evaluating data

Christopher Croot c.croot at novastream.co.uk
Thu Jun 16 21:35:52 MEST 2005

Discovered that for some reason if you configure your line to retrieve 
the same OID
twice in the configuration


Target[ezwf]: at myrouter

Then this happens and you get -1 as the response in the log file.

Simply changing the 2nd OID to something else solves the problem.

If anyone knows of a sensible explanation why, then please let me know.



>I am trying to retrieve some DSL statistics from a DSLAM using MRTG and am
>finding that a lot of the parameters retrieved are show that they failed 
>to resolve
>to valid data.
>If I send the SMNP get from UCD-SNMP or Castlerock SNMPc, then it
>responds with a valid data. (I am trying to retrieve the 
>Other statistics such as line attenuation and margin are correctly 
>gathered. Using
>Ethereal to snoop the comms, the GET pdu appears to be formatted 
>correctly and
>only differs from those that are working by the specific OID that I want 
>to retrieve.
>When looking at the associated RESPONSE PDU, then it shows in the decode
>that STATUS is showing as GENERIC ERROR (5). When snooping the SNMPc
>GET and RESPONSE, the STATUS is OK and the only difference is the one GET
>in the PDU rather than the 4 GETS per PDU sent in the mrtg PDU.
>Any ideas?
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