[mrtg] Re: Server Room Temperature Monitoring Questions

kelsey hudson khudson at tsss.org
Fri Nov 18 01:01:41 MET 2005

> I'm only really interested in seeing the Temp being graphed at this 
> time... so is there a way to remove the humidity and just see the temp??

I'll do you one better -- how about two targets, one for the humidity 
and one for the temperature? It could also be done with both targets on 
the same graph if you wanted.

> WorkDir: /var/www/html/mrtg
> WithPeak[]: ymw

Excuse my mailer's hatred and butchery of long lines.

Title[apc_temp]: Temperature for IT Server Room
PageTop[apc_temp]: <H1>Temperature in IT Server Room</H1>
Target[apc_temp]: at * 1.8 + 32
MaxBytes[apc_temp]: 100
Options[apc_temp]: growright,gauge,nopercent,noo
YLegend[apc_temp]: Temp
ShortLegend[apc_temp]: deg F
Legend1[apc_temp]: Temperature
Legend3[apc_temp]: Max Temp. value per interval on graph
LegendI[apc_temp]: Sensor Temp:&nbsp;
Colours[apc_temp]: BLUE#0000ff,GREEN#00eb0c,GRAY#AAAAAA,VIOLET#ff00ff

Title[apc_humi]: Humidity in IT Server Room
PageTop[apc_humi]: <H1>Humidity in IT Server Room</H1>
Target[apc_humi]: at
MaxBytes[apc_humi]: 100
Options[apc_humi]: growright,gauge,nopercent,noo
YLegend[apc_humi]: Humidity
ShortLegend[apc_humi]: in Hg
Legend1[apc_humi]: humidity
Legend3[apc_humi]: Max Humidity value per interval on graph
LegendI[apc_humi]: Sensor Humidity:&nbsp;
Colours[apc_humi]: BLUE#0000FF,GREEN#00eb0c,GRAY#AAAAAA,VIOLET#ff00ff

that should do the trick. If you want to do them both on the same target 
it's a little trickier; let me know and i'll fix0r a config file for you :)


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