[mrtg] Re: Server Room Temperature Monitoring Questions

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Fri Nov 18 00:10:28 MET 2005

>I recently purchased an APC Environmental monitoring system 

We have one of these on trial as well, and have successfully hooked it into
both MRTG and Nagios.

>same graph.  Temp is in Green and Humidity is in Blue.  Is there a way 
>to swap those around as it would make more sense to me to have 
>the temp be the blue line!

Swap the order of the OIDs, or override the colours in your .cfg file.

>The second questions is that the APC unit sends it measurements in 
>Celcius and I'd like to that to Fahrenheit on the graph.  

Heh... Americans need to modernise :)

If you are using rouetrs2.cgi v2.16 for your display, then you can use the
'c2f' option, which will perform and automatic centigrade to farenheight
conversion before display.

Alternatively, write a wrapper for the SNMP lookup that makes this

>I'm only really interested in seeing the Temp being graphed at this 
>time... so is there a way to remove the humidity and just see the temp??

Options[]: noo

Here is the config that we're using.  Note that it contains a lot of extra
display options for the routers.cgi frontend - these would be ignored by
your system if you don't use routers.cgi.

routers.cgi*Extension: "Probe Admin" http://cdcemu1/ _new noopts
routers.cgi*RoutingTable: no
munity at cdcemu1
Title[cdcemu1-probe-temp-1]: Local probe Temperature
MaxBytes[cdcemu1-probe-temp-1]: 100
PageTop[cdcemu1-probe-temp-1]: null
LegendI[cdcemu1-probe-temp-1]: Temp:
LegendO[cdcemu1-probe-temp-1]: Humid:
Legend1[cdcemu1-probe-temp-1]: Temperature
Legend2[cdcemu1-probe-temp-1]: Humidity
Legend3[cdcemu1-probe-temp-1]: Peak temperature
Legend4[cdcemu1-probe-temp-1]: Peak humidity
Options[cdcemu1-probe-temp-1]: noo gauge growright
YLegend[cdcemu1-probe-temp-1]: Centigrade
ShortLegend[cdcemu1-probe-temp-1]: C
routers.cgi*Options[cdcemu1-probe-temp-1]: fixunit nomax scaled nopercent
routers.cgi*Icon[cdcemu1-probe-temp-1]: temp-sm.gif
routers.cgi*InCompact[cdcemu1-probe-temp-1]: no
SetEnv[cdcemu1-probe-temp-1]: MRTG_INT_DESCR="Temp Local probe"
routers.cgi*Summary[cdcemu1-probe-temp-1]: "Env Monitor"  nodetails

Target[cdcemu1-probe-humid-1]: at cdcemu1
Title[cdcemu1-probe-humid-1]: Local probe Humidity
MaxBytes[cdcemu1-probe-humid-1]: 100
PageTop[cdcemu1-probe-humid-1]: null
LegendO[cdcemu1-probe-humid-1]: Temp:
LegendI[cdcemu1-probe-humid-1]: Humidity:
Legend2[cdcemu1-probe-humid-1]: Temperature
Legend1[cdcemu1-probe-humid-1]: Humidity
Legend4[cdcemu1-probe-humid-1]: Peak temperature
Legend3[cdcemu1-probe-humid-1]: Peak humidity
Options[cdcemu1-probe-humid-1]: noo gauge growright
YLegend[cdcemu1-probe-humid-1]: Percent
ShortLegend[cdcemu1-probe-humid-1]: %RH
routers.cgi*Options[cdcemu1-probe-humid-1]: fixunit nomax scaled nopercent
routers.cgi*Icon[cdcemu1-probe-humid-1]: drop-sm.gif
routers.cgi*InCompact[cdcemu1-probe-humid-1]: no
SetEnv[cdcemu1-probe-humid-1]: MRTG_INT_DESCR="Humidity Local probe"
routers.cgi*Summary[cdcemu1-probe-humid-1]: "Env Monitor" nodetails
routers.cgi*Extension: "Nagios: cdcemu1" /cgi-bin/tonagios.cgi alert-sm.gif

If you'd like to see the Nagios configuration template as well, let me know.

Hope this helps,


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