[mrtg] Counter Or Gauge

Tendolkar Mohit Mohit.Tendolkar at thomson.net
Thu Sep 8 21:57:59 MEST 2005


I have a situation where I am not sure what to instruct MRTG/RRD as the
"type" of the expression. 

Rather than give you the custom instance, I will give you an
illustration based on the MIB-2 "if" objects so its easier for you to
understand my problem.

If for instance, I wanted to instruct MRTG, or RRD, to plot the percent
utilizaton of a network interface (I know MRTG internally does this
specific case, but just assuming it did not),

Then I would make up a "target expression" like

((ifInOctets[ifIndex] + ifOutOctets[ifIndex]) * 8 / ifSpeed[ifIndex]) *

But unfortunately, both ifInOctest and ifOutOctets are MIB counter
objects (their values keep increasing).

So although the resultant value of this expression should be a guage
(because percent utilization for the interface keeps incrementing and
decrementing), I have to set the type for this target expression as an
MRTG counter. 

But still it is incorrect, because when I label the expression as an
MRTG/RRD counter, MRTG/RRD tracks the value as a "RATE" (difference in
seconds) : which again makes the value being graphed incorrect.

So how do you suggest I graph such expressions using MRTG or RRD, which
have MIB counter objects, but the resultant values from the expression
itself is NOT a rate?

DO let me know

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