[mrtg] MRTG Swap problems

Bas Bas at lmv-clan.nl
Fri Sep 23 11:59:35 MEST 2005


I know there have been a lot of topic about how to performance increase
mrtg for monitoring 1000+ interfaces. I've read all that i could find
about them but i can't find the solution to my problem.
I'm currently polling 300 interfaces for 3 graphs per interface. 1 reads
the traffic, 1 reads the ping and 1 reads a value called dB from the MIB

I use the following .cfg files for this:

workdir: /etc/pi/graphpi/
options[_]: growright,unknaszero,gauge,pngdate,nopercent,noborder
Target[]:`perl /etc/cr/mrtg-ping-probe -o -w2 -k 2`
Title[]:Ping monitor voor
PageTop[]:<H1>Ping voor</H1>
Unscaled[]: ymwd
MaxBytes[]: 500
AbsMax[]: 5000
Interval: 5
SnmpOptions: retries => 1, timeout => 1
RunAsDaemon: Yes

workdir: /etc/tr/graphtr/
options[_]: growright,nopercent,bits,unknaszero,pngdate,noborder
Target[]:/ at
Interval: 5
SnmpOptions: retries => 1, timeout => 1
RunAsDaemon: Yes
Title[]:Traffic monitor voor
PageTop[]:<H1>Traffic voor</H1>
MaxBytes[]: 307200

workdir: /etc/db/graphdb/
options[_]: growright,gauge,unknaszero,pngdate,nopercent,noborder
Target[]:transmission. at
/ 10
Title[]:dB monitor voor
PageTop[]:<H1>dB voor</H1>
Unscaled[]: ymwd
MaxBytes[]: 60
YLegend[]: dBmV
Interval: 5
SnmpOptions: retries => 1, timeout => 1
RunAsDaemon: Yes

And i just start them once and everything works fine. But all of these
processes use to much swap. First my memory fills up to 99% and then swap
starts filling up. Eventually this kills the entire machine.
Can anyone give me a clue to what to do about this?


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