[mrtg] Graphing Errors on a Cisco 3810

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Mon Apr 3 21:24:42 MEST 2006

I have a Cisco 3810 Router that I want to graph the CRC errors on.  I have
it graphing the errors as a total, but have not been able to do it as a
change from the last graphing.

I thought it was as simple as removing the 'gauge' option but then it
graphed nothing.

Any guidance on this would be appreciated.  There are some others things
similar to this that I want to graph but have the same problem.


This one does the total Errors and works fine.

#CRC Errors on 3810 Router
Target[crc]: at
Options[crc]: unknaszero, gauge
MaxBytes[crc]: 100000
WithPeak[crc]: my
YLegend[crc]: CRC Errors
ShortLegend[crc]: Errors
Legend1[crc]: Number of CRC Errors
Legend2[crc]: .
Legend3[crc]: Peak Number of CRC Errors
Legend4[crc]: .
LegendI[crc]: Errors:
LegendO[crc]: .
Title[crc]: CRC Connection Errors
PageTop[crc]: <H1>CRC Connection Errors (Number of input packets which had
cyclic redundancy checksum errors.) </H1>

This one graphs nothing
#CRC Errors on 3810 Router1
Target[crc1]: at
Options[crc1]: unknaszero, nopercent
MaxBytes[crc1]: 10000
WithPeak[crc1]: ymw
YLegend[crc1]: CRC Errors
ShortLegend[crc1]: Errors
Legend1[crc1]: CRC Align Errors
Legend2[crc1]: CRC Align Errors
Legend3[crc1]: Peak Number of CRC Errors
Legend4[crc1]: Max value per interval on graph
LegendI[crc1]: CRC Align Errors
LegendO[crc1]: CRC Align Errors
Title[crc1]: CRC Connection Errors
PageTop[crc1]: <H1>CRC Connection Errors (Number of input packets which
had cyclic redundancy checksum errors.) </H1>

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Nichols School   
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(716) 875-8212   ext 326
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