[mrtg] mrtg and snmpV3

Power Mac apple at hispeed.ch
Sat Apr 8 12:42:16 MEST 2006

Hello again, thanks a lot for the advice!
Now I have Net-Snmp version 5.2.1 and Mrtg version 2.13.2 anm MacOSX. 

But now I have problems with polling snmp data when using snmp v3,  
with snmp v1 it works.

If i do:
cfgmaker --global 'WorkDir: /Users/adminpm/Sites/mrtg' --global  
'Options[]: bits,growright' --output /Users/adminpm/etc/mrtg/ 
mrtgV1.cfg private at localhost
Mrtg reports the snmp-informations correctly.

If I do:
cfgmaker --global 'WorkDir: /Users/adminpm/Sites/mrtg' --global  
'Options[_]: bits,growright' --global 'EnableSnmpV3: yes' --output / 
Users/adminpm/etc/mrtg/mrtgV3.cfg --username 'this' --authprotocol  
'md5'  --authpassword 'censored' --privprotocol 'des' --privpassword  
'censored' this at localhost:::::3
Mrtg sees neither Interfacespeed, nor System, description, contact.

Then I have manually uncommented the interface (ethernet) and added  
the speed it reports when using snmpV1.

Part of the mrtg.cfg:

WorkDir: /Users/adminpm/Sites/mrtg
Options[_]: bits,growright
EnableSnmpV3: yes

### Interface 4 >> Descr: 'en0' | Name: '' | Ip: 'a.b.c.d' | Eth: '' ###
### The following interface is commented out because:
### * has a speed of  which makes no sense                  // I  
uncommented the target

Target[localhost_4]: 4:this at localhost:::::3
SetEnv[localhost_4]: MRTG_INT_IP="a.b.c.d" MRTG_INT_DESCR="en0"
1250000                                          // I changed from 0  
to 1250000 manually


When launching mrtg:

a-b-c-d:~ adminpm$ mrtg --debug='snpo' etc/mrtg/mrtgV3.cfg
--snpo: run snmpget from ifHCInOctets&ifHCOutOctets:this at localhost
--snpo: simple If: .4
--snpo: simple If: .4
--snpo: SNMPGet from this at localhost:::::3 -- ifHCInOctets. 
--snpo: SNMPfound -- 'noSuchObject', 'noSuchObject', '1 hour,  
14:44.24', 'a-b-c-d.dclient.hispeed.ch'
WARNING: Expected a number but got 'noSuchObject'
WARNING: Expected a number but got 'noSuchObject'
ERROR: Target[localhost_4][_IN_] ' $target->[0]{$mode} ' did not eval  
into defined data
ERROR: Target[localhost_4][_OUT_] ' $target->[0]{$mode} ' did not  
eval into defined data

I hope you can help me again

Thanks and a sunny sunday :)


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