[mrtg] Suspicious memory usage (leak?) in MRTG 2.15.0

Volk,Gregory B greg.volk at edwardjones.com
Wed Dec 20 06:42:48 MET 2006

I recently upgraded to MRTG 2.15.0 on my development (win32) system from
version 2.14.2 and have noticed that the memory footprint for the
related perl executable grows over time. I'm running a pretty typical
config of about 40 targets with LogFormat:rrdtool, and RunAsDaemon:Yes,
so the process never terminates.
I've gone back and observed the per process memory stats while running
2.14.2 on the same system with the same config and have verified that it
maintains a constant memory allocation (Microsoft refers to this metric
as the WorkingSetSize under Perfmon, and it is also listed beneath the
Win32_Process WMI Tree). 

I don't think I'm doing anything special that would have caused this
behavior. Nonetheless, I went ahead and killed off just about every
unnecessary process on my dev box to make sure something else wasn't
contributing to this but the problem has persisted.

I placed some graphs at...

http://gvolk.com/20061219_2204_perl_working_set_bytes.png - This is the
amount of memory allocated for the perl.exe binary that the mrtg daemon
is running under. It is a short term (two hour) plot at 60 second


http://gvolk.com/20061219_1723_memavail_bytes.png - This is the overall
system memory that was available over a 24hour period. I stopped &
started the MRTG daemon at ~23:00 and the system recovered about 40
megabytes of memory. Notice that after 23:00 the memory decreases very

I don't know if this is specific to win32 or if it also happens on unix.
I haven't made it over to my dev unix system with 2.15.0 yet. Just
wondering if anyone else is seeing similar behavior.


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